Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Pics!! make your own conclusions

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Staycation!

For our short fall break we took an overnight trip to Salt Lake. We started off with a little shopping at the Gateway and a quick dinner, then met Jon and went to our hotel. the kids immediately jumped on the beds, got ice out of the ice machine, then we headed to the pool. (notice Carley's pool outfit). Of course they had to climb all over the exercise equipment in the gym on the way. That night we had treats and watched Toy Story III in our room.

The next day we went to breakfast then to our favorite museum, then rode the train to Temple Square. After walking around, we went to the Lion House for lunch. For some reason the kids think it's the greatest place ever. They all got way too much food but had fun. Then we had to head home back to soccer practice; business as usual. I'm so glad everyone had a great time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I took the three little ones to the Long Beach Aquarium while Braden was at his soccer tournament at the convention center. They loved the "nemo" tank and the scuba diver. Tanner loved petting the baby sharks. As usual, no one looks at the camera, and everyone says "cheese" while they're looking around. Jensen thinks it's funny to close his eyes. NOT FUNNY!!

Forgot. Carley and Jensen had three weeks of swim lessons. They loved it, and Jensen is improving but still can't blow water out his nose, so he won't swim very far. Carley is my most stubborn child and does what she wants. We had fun going to the children's museum with all the kids and out Texas cousins.

We're still here

Wow do I need to catch up. I just wanted to share some fun pics of what we've been up to. We've been enjoying our summer, and got to spend 2 weeks in california, doing the things we miss. We also finally got our house after 10 long months of waiting. The first thing we did was put in a yard. The kids would just sit out on the deck watching the guys work. It was fun to have all the trucks going in the yard. We are just hanging out, playing a lot of soccer, and enjoying not having to wake up early. Especially mom.